What Type of Oil Does My Car Need?


Step inside any auto parts store and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of engine oil varieties. From deciphering the numbers on the label to understanding the benefits of synthetic oil, we’re here to make the engine-oil shopping process a bit easier. Discover the differences between these four primary types of car oil to determine which one is best for your vehicle.

Full synthetic

This type of oil is chemically-engineered. This results in more uniformly-shaped oil molecules, as well as fewer impurities. It also tends to have longer-lasting performance, while flowing better at low temperatures and having excellent lubricity at high temperatures. If you own a performance-oriented vehicle like the Chevy Corvette, then this type of oil should suit.


 PICHED Golden-Shell Series Fully Synthetic Lubricants 

Synthetic blend

As the name implies, this oil type is a mix of synthetic and organic oil. It’s a cheaper alternative to full-synthetic and also delivers high-load protection, which is useful for enhancing performance in larger vehicles like SUVs and pickups.


 TIERCEL GTL- X3 X5 X7 Series  synthetic Lubricants 


This type of oil contains a special mix of formulation and additives to help prevent oil leaks and minimize engine-oil burn-off, two problems sometimes associated with older vehicles. Considering that most vehicles on the road have 75,000 miles or more on them, this oil is a popular choice for used car owners.

泰纳SM SN系列.jpg

TAINA Nano Ceramic Series Lubricants

Premium Conventional

Also known as mineral oil, this type of oil comes in a spectrum of quality levels and viscosity grades. If you have regular driving habits (i.e. avoid rapidly accelerating or braking) and your vehicle has a simple engine structure, then premium conventional can be a good choice.

Blaick_POWER -SL 15W40.jpg

 Blaick_Power Series Lubricants 

With any engine oil, though, make sure to check your vehicle’s owner manual to ensure that you pick an oil type that suits your vehicle’s unique design. 


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